Setting up Calibre Library for your Android Device

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Step 1: Configure your Calibre Server on your Desktop PC

Before trying to use Calibre Library, check that the Calibre server is running on your desktop PC. Open Calibre on your desktop, then click "Preferences". Click "Sharing over the Net". Click "Start Server" and make sure the checkbox is checked to "Run server on startup."

Now, test the server from your desktop by clicking "Test Server". You should get a web interface to your Calibre library. If you have any trouble with this step, please check the Calibre documentation.

Here's a screenshot of the server preferences in Calibre. I've circled the two important parts - the port number and the start server button:

Step 2: Configure your Windows Firewall

Your desktop computer's firewall needs configured to allow other devices to talk to the Calibre server software. You need to open TCP port 8080. See this page from Microsoft on how to do that.

For your first time setup, you might want to completely turn off the Windows firewall temporarily just to make sure it's not interfering.

Step 3: Find your desktop PC's IP Address

You need to know where your computer is on your home network. Here's a great how-to that shows five different ways to do that. You want to find your INTERNAL IP Address

Usually the IP address will start with either 192.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x - if it doesn't you may be looking at the wrong numbers.

Step 4: Enter your Desktop's IP Address into our Android app

Now it's time to plug that number into Calibre Library, followed by the port that your server is running on.

Here's a photo step-by-step.

The default port is 8080, and as long as you don't change that, you don't have to enter it. So what you enter should look something like:

or if you are going to change the default port enter it in place of the 8080 below:

Obviously, replace the with the address of your desktop PC. This goes into the "Server Address" setting in Calibre Library on your Android device.

After you have entered the address, click OK but stay on the settings screen for about 20 seconds. It will automatically run some tests against your server to make sure it can see it, and if anything goes wrong it will give you more information about the problem.

Having trouble connecting?

Plug that address you found in step 3 into the web browser on your Android device, with the port 8080 at the end. For instance, you'd type the following into the address bar of your Android web browser like so:

If that doesn't work, the problem is either (A) you have the wrong IP address, (B) the Calibre Server software isn't running (see step 1) or (C) your Windows firewall is blocking the connection. (see step 2)

Still can't connect?

I've got a test Calibre server here that you can try the app against. If that works, the problem is definitely with your PC or Calibre Server setup. Enter the following in Calibre Library settings for where to connect:


Uncheck login required, and try that server. It has a few epub documents scraped from the web for your perusal. When that works, the problem is not your device or the app, but your desktop computer.

That's it! Have fun!

That should take care of all the basic setup hurdles that most users have. If you have problems still, feel free to email us at humanoidapps@gmail.com for assistance.