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We Use Our Own Apps

How many developers can say that? That means we're dedicated to the fastest, easist to use apps possible.

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Calibre Library

Connect wirelessly to your Calibre e-book library or other Stanza source. Browse and download your e-books on the go.

Pair with Nook, FBReader or another e-book reading application for a complete solution. This is not an e-book reader app.

If your Calibre server is visible on the Internet, you can even use your phone's data plan to download books. If your device has wireless, you can download books from within your own lan regardless.

Looking for help setting it up? Check out our tutorial.

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MilesTrac Online

The most common email we received from users of our free MilesTrac app was "I lost my phone" or the equivalent of "I dropped my phone in the toilet". The second most common was "I need to track multiple vehicles."

We solved both, and more, with our MilesTrac Online system and gave it it's own domain. Check it out here.

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MilesTrac Free

Can't justify a subscription fee for all of the extra features and security that MilesTrac Online gives you?

We still offer MilesTrac Free on Google Play. Just please, please, remember to peridoically use the "Send CSV" feature so you don't lose your data when your phone dies as this app does not sync your data with our cloud servers.

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